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A Roadmap is a way of quickly and inexpensively helping a small business identify the gaps they have and then strategically advising and orchestrating ways to mitigate those identified risks.  While different industries have different focuses all firms, regardless of their industry, need to understand “best practices” for the 8 key areas of their business.

Consulting using Small Business Roadmaps

Alternatives TLC's goal is to ensure that your business is poised for growth. 

Using a proprietary tool called the "Small Business Roadmap" we quickly and inexpensively can identify the gaps your small business has.  We can then strategically advise and orchestrate ways to mitigate those identified risks.  While different industries have different focuses, all firms, regardless of their industry, need to understand and use “best practices” for the 8 key areas of their business: 

Operations, Finance, Legal, Technology, Human Resources, Marketing, Compliance and Security.  
Our Small Business Roadmap Process:

Pre-Interview Call

Explain process and answer any questions

Sign and return contract and check

Sign Contract

Document Review

Client sends docs & info for initial review

Interview Client

Deliver Roadmap

Roadmap Creation

Roadmap Review

2-3 hour interview on 8 key areas of client's business

Evaluate info and write up Roadmap

Deliver written Roadmap to client

Meet with Client, review Roadmap, set Goals

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The Roadmap process takes less than a day's commitment of your time and yet, it can change the entire course of your business!  Within a week, you receive your Roadmap...
Sample Roadmap Deliverable
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