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Public testimonials, while easy to obtain, in some cases are not able to include the name of the client due to the client's compliance officer's advice.  If you have any questions, please give me a call to see if I'm able to privately share the name of the referral, which I am able to do in many cases.

Carol is in her eighth (8th) year of consulting to our family-owned business.  She initially helped us with HR, but her projects grew to include, as examples:


  • helping us obtain organic certification,

  • compliance,

  • inventorying our business equipment for insurance planning,

  • setting up a training center,

  • formalizing and heading up our HR department, which has more than doubled since she started with us

  • obtaining PPP for us during COVID and even

  • grant writing, securing us a $4.2 million award for expansion from the USDA – her very first grant effort. 


Whatever Carol tackles, she succeeds at doing it with professionalism, researching and implementing standards that are customized to our operation.  I confidently recommend Carol to any type of family-owned business.

Goffle Road Poultry Farm

"Carol delivered on her promise to help us organize aspects of our company as we launch our funds to external investors...  The Roadmap has been instrumental in helping us fill gaps in operational planning, and will allow us to confidently address all aspects of our business with allocators...She went beyond expectations with her time, effort and energy – and of course she has been delightful to work with."

TargetQR Strategies

"Possibly the greatest value we’ve found through working with Carol - how to make an informed decision within the industry from a practical and objective perspective of where we are now."

Hollis Capital Management

"Early in our formation, Carol made an essential contribution to show us how to meet industry expectations with respect to compliance and business procedures. Having someone who has experience working directly with managers of all sizes, Carol possesses a strong grasp of best practices, compliance organization, audit and diligence preparation, and much more. She is meticulous, thorough, and most of all, a warm person to work with. We wholly endorse her offering and encourage new and emerging managers to seek out Carol and all she offers."

West Coast based CTA

I learned what it takes.  I learned there’s a lot to doing it.  We were able to identify areas that were beyond my skillset and were excellent candidates for ATLC to manage...  Organizational and business management – it’s about getting serious.  This process will force a real commitment, one way or the other.

Balorca Capital

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